Periodicity and Access

The Tekton Journal is published biannually, every July and September of a calendar year. The journal is published in print form and online with open access. There are no publication fees or advertising. The journal is supported by subscription of print copies and institutional endowment by Mahatma Education Society, Mumbai in service for the academic community.

Paper Submission Process

The Tekton Journal invites submission of research papers and essays in the areas of architecture, urban design, urban planning and all related areas from scholars and practitioners. The submission process is an ongoing continuous one. The authors are advised to refer to the detailed guidelines for submission on this website.

Peer Review Process

The Tekton Journal follows the double blind review process. All the research papers submitted for consideration of the journal are checked against plagiarism using the Turn-it-In software. The articles are further subjected to preliminary checks by the editors regarding its scope, suitability and quality of content. The research papers that are deemed suitable after plagiarism check and preliminary vetting are sent for formal peer review. The reviewers’ report is shared with the authors by the editor along with additional editorial remarks for necessary revisions by the authors. The revised paper is checked by the editors and sent back to the reviewer if necessary.
Only if the review and revision process is completed to the satisfaction of the editors, the research paper is accepted for publication and the authors are notified about the schedule of publication. The accepted papers are published in one of the two subsequent issues of the journal.

No Processing or Publication Fees

The Tekton Journal does not charge from the authors any fees for either reviewing or publishing the submitted papers, essays or articles.

Anti-plagiarism Policy

The Tekton Journal expects the authors to follow the best academic practices while writing and submitting their research work. The journal has a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and other misconducts. All submitted papers are run through anti-plagiarism software and the similarity index as well as the similarity content are scrutinised by the editors to satisfy themselves that the authors have submitted original work and have cited with references words or ideas of other scholars whenever used. Any submission which fails in this scrutiny is promptly rejected.


The authors shall assign right to publish accepted papers, essays, articles etc. in any medium print or online to the publisher of the Tekton Journal. The authors shall retain their individual copyright over their work and are free to upload the published material on the archives of their choice, after duly acknowledging the original publication in Tekton Journal.