Supriya Nene

Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2018
pp. 8 – 21

Supriya Nene is the Principal of Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Architecture, Pune. She graduated from MSU, Vadodara (1992) in Architecture with fascination for then just introduced digital tools. She went to University of Cincinnati (1996-98) on University Grants Scholarship and Research Assistantship to pursue MS in Architecture with research in Computer Applications. While working on building projects and in academia, realized the importance of sustainability of built environments. This led to a new endeavor to combine both these interests in doctoral research from the CEPT University, Ahmedabad (2015) in the area of environmental ethics and the progressive approach.


There are presently numerous rating systems across the world for sustainability in buildings. Each country may follow one or more specific rating systems for their built projects. Although most of the systems have similar environmental concerns, they operate differently, with different stresses on different issues. Some of them may be contextually different, some of them may be strategically different, and some of them may be operationally different. This paper wishes to study various Sustainability Rating Systems and tools comprehensively, in terms of categories and issues, and then prepare observations and analysis. The objective of this paper is to bring myriad of rating systems across the world in one place and compare them for their priorities.

Environmental Sustainability, Rating System, Green Building, Built Environment