Smita Dalvi

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MOOving Along: Following Cows in Changing Indian Cities [pp. 08 – 24]
Rebecca Hui


Inclusive Cities: Towards Gender-Sensitive Urban India [pp. 26 – 36]
Sudnya Mahimkar and V. A. Gokhale


Resilient Slums: Role of Social Capital [pp. 38 – 54]
Deepika Andavarapu and Mahyar Arefi


Expressions of Modernity: Semiotic Isotopy on Bombay’s Backbay Reclamation Buildings [pp. 56 – 73]
Mustansir Dalvi


Writing the City – Shaping its Conscience [pp. 74 – 79]
Kaiwan Mehta


A Project’s Journey [pp. 82 – 93]
Kamu Iyer


Development Urbanism: Issues and Possibilities [pp. 94 – 109]
Henrik Valeur in Conversation with Richa Sharma

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Sustainable Urbanism [pp. 110 – 111]
“India: The Urban Transition – a Case Study of Development Urbanism”
by Henrik Valeur, The Architectural Publisher B, 2014
Pallavi Dalal