From the Desk of the Patron

Dr. K.M. Vasudevan Pillai, CEO, MES

DrPillaiIt gives me great pleasure to present the first issue of Tekton, a new research journal in the fields of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, brought out by our Pillai College of Architecture, Navi Mumbai. With more than two decades of its existence, the college has progressively made its mark, this journal being the latest. With this publication, Mahatma Education Society reaffirms its commitment to the importance of research inquality education.

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From the Desk of the Principal, PiCA

Dr. Arif N. Merchant, Principal, PiCA

DrArifTekton marks a new beginning in Pillai College of Architecture. In the third decade of its existence graduates in architecture and now the first batch of post graduate students in urban design are making their mark. It is our philosophy to make a meaningful contribution to the society through architectural education. The college has been achieving this by being involved in indigenous community enhancement projects at different levels. Also, under the aegis of MES Research Forum, we have carried out research based design projects and presented individual research activities. It is now time to explore new horizons for dissemination of research methods and techniques in design discipline. A research journal is a very appropriate tool to reinforce skills in research based practice and education. This new endeavor will help culminate knowledge and ideas in academia and practice into a published form.

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